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NU CREATIVE METHODS "Superstitions" CD 2013

Image of NU CREATIVE METHODS "Superstitions" CD 2013


Amazing early works by
Pierre Bastien & Bernard Pruvost
Originally released in 1984 on cassette by ADN tapes.
Played with a bunch of exotic and self-made instruments.

THE WIRE 350 :
" of the more fascinating aspects of this album is that it sounds quite like Bastien's mechanical music, although it is all played manually.The music has a tremendous energy and the duo's playing is inspired; their rhythms almost telepathically tight.The instrument's true identity remains a mistery, but it's best to simply enjoy their rich soundworld for what it is."
(Mike Barnes)

"... the strange, chaotic, repeating sounds, which most of the times sound very acoustic (or very high end distorted such as in 'Barrio Chino'. A truly fascinating release, which has nothing to do with Bastien's later mechanical work, but which sounds crazy, fascinating and to my ears quite unique. Why did it take me almost thirty years to discover this? It makes you wonder what else is out there.
Great re-issue! (FdW)

BLOW UP 178:
"...una musica inclassificabile e spiazzante, un po' come se si fossero affidate le partiture di Harry Partch all'esecuzione dei
Sun City Girls. Pur appartenendo a quell' universo paralello di produzioni casalinghe che furono diretta conseguenza dell'ondata punk/new wave, "Superstitions" si proietta al di fuori di questo contesto per un viaggio fantastico verso continenti esotici dove visioni incantate, elementi macabri e apparizioni bizzarre si confondono nella dimensione del sogno" (Massimiliano Busti)